April 27, 2015

Goodsol FreeCell Plus for iPad Updated

from A Shareware Life


Our iPad game Goodsol FreeCell Plus has updated.  Some bugs were fixed and the Science Fiction Card Set was added.  Goodsol FreeCell Plus contains FreeCell, Sea Towers, Penguin, Eight Off, and some other FreeCell type games.  The game is only 99 cents on the iPad AppStore!


Download on the App Store


Get more information about Goodsol FreeCell Plus


from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Pass*Word Blink and you'll miss it! This short and sweet escape game by RoseKey feels more like a warmup than anything else as you solve a handful of puzzles to break out of a locked room with some alarming musical flourishes! Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, rosekey

April 26, 2015

Bubble Shooter Archibald the Pirate

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android, Flash — Bubble Shooter Archibald the Pirate Man the cannons and warm up those fingers because Bubble Shooter Archibald the Pirate has been released! It's a marble popper game from Akkad and Avox Games with a unique physics twist, also free for iOS and Android! Tagged as: action, akkad, android, avoxgames, browser, flash, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, marblepopper, match-3, mobile, physics, puzzle, rating-g, tablet

April 25, 2015

Weekend Download N°263

from Jay Is Games

Weekend Download N°263 Games featured this week: Born Under the Rain; A Knife Made of Whispers; Regeria Hope Episode 1 — We're baaaaaaaaaack. The first installment of Weekend Download in over a year brings a Phoenix Wright inspired visual novel, a platformer about love and loss, and a hunt for a relic that can free you from a dead body that isn't yours... all for free! Tagged as: blog, download, free, game, indie, weekenddownload

April 24, 2015

Silly Sausage in Meatland

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android, Unity — Silly Sausage in Meatland Also free for iOS and Android, Nitrome's putty pup is back for more as you need to stretch around saws, lasers, spikes and more while nabbing gems to activate checkpoints. It's challenging and full of variety, while designed to be a casual pick-up-and-play game for whenever you have a few minutes. Tagged as: action, android, arcade, avoidance, browser, free, game, highdifficulty, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, nitrome, rating-y, unity

Friday CatBlogging

from A Shareware Life

Remember, a new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available.

And now, Random.


The Tale of Doris and the Dragon

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Javascript/HTML5 — The Tale of Doris and the Dragon In this first installment of a retro point-and-click adventure, Doris is shuffling her way through the afterlife in search of her husband, but other beings have a use for her... ! Tagged as: adventure, arrogantpixel, browser, episodic, fantasy, free, game, html5, pixelart, pointandclick, rating-y, retro

Link Dump Friday N° 368

from Jay Is Games

Link Dump Friday N° 368 Games featured this week: Text and Drive: Friendship Never Dies; The Last Night; Connected Kit Yanked into the Faerie Court; Ziva's Conjury Mart — Baby, you know we'd never leave you. Link Dump Friday returns with four free online games! Take a trip through your fridge to help a magical land, bargain with royalty as the proprietress of a small shop, drive VERY unsafely, and find your target in a seedy cyberpunk nightclub. Tagged as: blog, browser, free, game, linkdump

April 23, 2015

Does Not Commute

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android — Does Not Commute In this simple yet addictive and funny game from Mediocre for iOS and Android, you'll need to guide each citizen where they need to go in each level... but the catch is the game records and replays all your driving as you take each new vehicle to your destination, and you're under a time limit! Bizarre characters with intriguing stories makes Does Not Commute easy to pick up but hard to put down. Tagged as: action, android, arcade, avoidance, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mediocre, microtransactions, mobile, rating-y, simpleidea

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS — Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Rose ventures into an asylum with a dark past in search of a missing girl, but gaps in her memory and strange, surreal creatures and visions haunt here in every darkened hallway in this standalone first installment of Psychoz Interactive's old school survival horror adventures for iOS. Tagged as: action, adventure, game, horror, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, kindlefire, mobile, psychozinteractive, rating-r

Little Party

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Little Party Your daughter Suzanne is having a house party for her "artsy" friends, and she insists that you, her mother, don't need to help. In this short but very sweet free indie game, you'll wander the house and get to know your daughter and her friends a little better... often just by watching quietly from the sidelines. Tagged as: clodwick, download, free, game, iendsley, indie, interactiveart, linux, mac, narrative, paywhatyouwant, rating-o, simpleidea, windows

New Pretty Good Solitaire v15.1 for Windows with 870 Games

from A Shareware Life

The new Pretty Good Solitaire version 15.1 for Windows is available for download.

Version 15.1 adds 10 new games, for a total of 860 games. In addition, there is a new game group, the Sir Tommy group, and the new Spring Flowers Card Set is now included in the regular download.


The new games are:

- Baker's Score - a two deck version of the popular Castle type game Baker's Dozen.

- Chinese Trigon - a Chinese Klondike like version of Trigon.

- Eleven Up - a new game in the Knotty Nines, Trusty Twelve, Sweet Sixteen group.

- Forty Buccaneers - Forty Thieves with a redeal.

- Hawaiian Solitaire - a cross between Cornelius and Australian Patience.

- Layers - a short deck (32 cards) variation of Strata.

- Polytope - Simplex with fewer tableau piles (and much harder).

- River Doon - Tam O'Shanter with 2 redeals (similar to Acquaintance).

- Selective Canfield - Canfield with the choice of the first card played to the first foundation pile.

- Three Shuffles and a Cell - this is Three Shuffles and a Draw with a cell instead of the draw.

See the full list of all of the 870 games in version 15.1.


Mu Complex: Episode One

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Mu Complex: Episode One Just what is Mu Complex, and what lies at its heart? The only way to find out is by hacking into its systems! In this hybrid text adventure/puzzle/riddle game, you'll explore the intranet of the mysterious complex, desperately searching for... something. Master the old-fashioned computer commands, scan e-mails for clues, and even solve mysteries using real-world information and trivia in order to discover the complex's secrets! Tagged as: adventure, browser, episodic, flash, free, game, narrative, puzzle, rating-y, riddle, scifi, studiocime, text

April 22, 2015

Three Guys That Paint

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Three Guys That Paint In this free indie visual novel, Nigel's life is pretty calm and that's just the way he likes it, until a bunch of strange disappearance begin baffling police, and a weird woman moves in who begins changing his life... but for better or worse? Tagged as: adventure, download, free, game, indie, josler, lgbtq, linux, mac, mystery, narrative, paywhatyouwant, rating-o, romance, scifi, visualnovel, windows

New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows Tomorrow

from A Shareware Life

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows will be released tomorrow!


What's new in the upcoming version 15.1:

- 10 new games for a total of 870 games.

- a new game group - the Sir Tommy Type - containing games like Sir Tommy, Auld Lang Syne, and so on.

- the new Spring Flowers Card Set will be included in the regular download.


Look for Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v15.1 tomorrow!

Tiny Guardians

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android — Tiny Guardians When Lunalie's mentor goes missing, she sets off to rescue them, along with cards she can use to summon in powerful units like knights, rogues, mages and more to help protect her in this gorgeous and challenging blend of real-time strategy and tower defense from Kurechii for Android and iOS! Tagged as: action, android, defense, fantasy, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, kurechii, microtransactions, mobile, rating-g, realtime, strategy, tablet, towerdefense, upgrades

Weekday Escape N°72

from Jay Is Games

Weekday Escape N°72 Games featured this week: Escape from the Similar Rooms 19; R-TO; Ready for Adventure? — Another hump day has rolled around and the best part about it? Hottategoya, No1Game and MayMay converge on your midweek blahs with three new escape-the-room games to make the rest of the week a little more bearable. Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, free, game, hottategoya, maymay, no1game, pointandclick, puzzle, weekday-escape

April 21, 2015

Primal Champions

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Primal Champions This action RPG has you fighting your opponents in real time, launching attacks with the [Q] and [A] buttons whenever your characters' cool down meters reach zero. Combine their special abilities for extra damage. A fun experiment in a new RPG formula. Tagged as: action, adventure, browser, fantasy, flash, free, game, happyghoststudio, rating-y, realtime, rpg

5 Good Sir Tommy Type Solitaire Games

from A Shareware Life



Sir Tommy is a basic game where you move cards into 4 piles, trying to build the Aces up to Kings for each suit.  You try to avoid blocking yourself by placing the cards such that they will be able to move up as more cards become available.

In Pretty Good Solitaire version 15.1, which will be released this week, there is a new game group consisting of Sir Tommy type games.  There are a total of 57 games in this group: here are 5 of the most interesting ones.


1) Tam O'Shanter


Tam O'Shanter is one of the oldest solitaire games known.  It also is among the hardest.  Cards are dealt out in sets of 4.  You move Aces to the foundations as they become available and try to build up regardless of suit to Kings.

You will probably never win Tam O'Shanter.  It is simply that hard.


2) Auld Lang Syne


Auld Lang Syne is an easier version of Tam O'Shanter.  The difference is that the Aces are dealt for you at the start of the game.  This makes it easier, but it is still a very hard game to win.

How to Play Auld Lang Syne Solitaire


3) Acquaintance


Acquaintance is an easier version of Auld Lang Syne.  It simply adds 2 redeals to Auld Lang Syne.  This simple change makes it a much, much better game.  The game is still somewhat hard, but it is often winnable.  It's also much more fun to play.  Acquaintance is one of the best Sir Tommy type games.

How to Play Acquaintance Solitaire


4) Calculation


Calculation is a classic variation of Sir Tommy.  It plays like Sir Tommy except building on the foundations is by different sequences. On the first foundation pile, you build up Ace, Two, Three, etc as usual.  But on the 2nd foundation pile, you build by Twos: Two, Four, Six, Eight, etc.  On the 3rd pile, you build by Threes:  Three, Six, Nine, etc.  And on the final pile, you build by Fours:  Four, Eight, Queen, etc.  It gets complicated, but there is a guide in the status bar to help you know what card is next in the sequence.


5)  Interregnum


Interregnum is a 2 deck Sir Tommy type game.  Each of the Eight foundation piles starts with a different rank - they are then built up regardless of suit, wrapping around as necessary.  Like Calculation, it gets complicated, but it is an interesting game.



Those are 5 games to get you started with the Sir Tommy type of solitaire games.  Play all 57 Sir Tommy type games in version 15.1 of Pretty Good Solitaire.


Golf is Hard

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android, Flash — Golf is Hard Golf is haaaaard. Really hard. Especially when you only have one button to play it with, and you're not allowed to go walking after your ball! In this sporty puzzle game, you'll have to clear eighteen holes of increasingly ridiculous proportions without ever once leaving your tee. Choose your angle and power, and try with all your might to conquer the devious sport that is GOLF! Tagged as: android, browser, dakinagames, flash, free, game, golf, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, onebutton, physics, puzzle, rating-g, sports, tablet

LD#32: A Giant Weapon Development Time Lapse #LDJam

from GBGames

I created a time lapse video of my development of “A Giant Weapon”:

Once again, you can find the game, albeit incomplete, at http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=251.

LD#32: A Giant Weapon Development Time Lapse #LDJam is a post from: GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development

April 20, 2015

Those Without Names

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Those Without Names Eight's scared and confused when she wakes unable to remember her name or much else about her life in a strange place, so she's relieved when she recognizes a boy she somehow KNOWS is her brother, even if he's in the same boat. Created for NaNoRenO, this free indie visual novel is often sad and bittersweet, but focuses on being bruised but not broken and the difference having someone who loves you can make in your life. Tagged as: download, free, game, ifiction, indie, linux, mac, narrative, rating-o, visualnovel, windows, yucie

Push Out Fans

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android, Flash — Push Out Fans Slide blocks to push out all the fans on each level. Sounds simple even with different, restricted movement types, right? But clean, minimalist design masks some surprisingly tricky brain teasers. Check out the full Android and iOS versions for more levels and another game mode! Tagged as: android, browser, flash, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, playthis, rating-g, simpleidea, slidingblock, tapirgames

New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows This Week

from A Shareware Life

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows will be released later this week!


What's new in the upcoming version 15.1:

- 10 new games for a total of 870 games.

- a new game group - the Sir Tommy Type - containing games like Sir Tommy, Auld Lang Syne, and so on.

- the new Spring Flowers Card Set will be included in the regular download.


Look for Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v15.1 later this week!



LD32: Submitted but Disappointed #LDJam

from GBGames

When I started this weekend, I thought, “I’m going to make a complete game that’s enjoyable to play.” I wanted the Button Masher Bros to play my game and enjoy themselves.

Towards the end of the deadline, I was thinking, “I might be able to get the bare minimum of something that could be called a game in.”

And by the end, I didn’t even have that.

I submitted my project, A Giant Weapon, which you can find at http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=251

LD #32 A Giant Weapon

You click to tell your soldier to move, and you try to avoid the monster. There’s a game over screen when you get killed.

You can attract the monster’s attention by clicking on it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t add the reason why you would want to do so: to destroy your enemy’s camp.

Fighting bizarre and non-bizarre bugs slowed me down, but I did not do anywhere near as well as I would have liked.

I wanted to get something controllable by 12 hours in, and it took me almost 25 hours. Then I didn’t have anything resembling playability until the last couple of hours, and then I ran into trying to figure out what AI bugs and graphic offsets issues I had.

I watched my timelapse, and I can see that I didn’t take my own advice about not spending too much time on the art. I think the majority of my efforts involved getting the sprites right.

Oh, and the weird bug that caused bizarre issues with the buffer not updating? I think it turned out to be a glitchy system. Once the computer crashed, and yeah, I needed that to happen near the deadline, everything ran fine for the remainder of the compo. I should have rebooted right away. That problem cost me way too much in time and stress.

I’m pretty disappointed and deflated. It’s been two years since my last Ludum Dare compo, and I feel like I’m not any more capable as a game developer than I was then.

I know I have another 24 hours for a Jam entry, but I planned to dedicate only the past 48 hours to Ludum Dare and I will not be able to do much more.

All that pity aside, I did like my idea, and I think the game in my head would be enjoyable if I could have developed it. A bumbling giant monster that gets easily distracted is chasing the player who is trying to lead it to the enemy camp without getting killed in the process. Part of the game play was to get the giant to move in one direction while looking another, causing it to trip and fall. If it falls on top of a building or other enemy structures and units, they would get destroyed.

The monster and the player would each be able to pick things up and throw them. The player would throw things to attract the attention of the monster, while the monster would be aiming to kill. This feature got cut.

Towards the end, I even created quick art to create a building, including rubble, but it never made it into the game.

LD32: Submitted but Disappointed #LDJam is a post from: GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development

Podcast Update – April 19 2015

from Casual Gamer Chick

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Jonah and Paul send a brief missive about the current state of the podcast.

Jonah and Paul send a brief missive about the current state of the podcast.

Spirits of Xanadu

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Spirits of Xanadu The year is 1983. Space is being conquered by man. However Xanadu, a research space ship that was searching the far edge of the explored universe has sent out a distress signal. Called in to help them fix their engines and get them back home, you soon find the crew to be missing and an even larger mystery surrounding the circumstances in this first-person indie horror adventure. Tagged as: adventure, download, firstperson, game, horror, indie, linux, mac, nightdivestudios, puzzle, rating-o, scifi, shooter, space, windows

April 19, 2015

Kill The Plumber

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Kill The Plumber It's good to be bad in this quirky puzzle platformer hybrid by Keybol, where you'll need to use different ideas to knock off the player character each different level by playing as a lowly goon! Tagged as: action, browser, flash, free, game, iaminov, keybol, parody, platform, puzzle, rating-y

LD32: I’m 12 Hours Behind Schedule and Have Bugs #LDJam

from GBGames

I wanted to have something playable or at least controllable within 12 hours. I did it within 25.

LD #32 - Controllable Character

You can now click on the ground, and the soldier will move assign itself the goal of moving towards that point.

The monster is still just placeholder art with basic AI.

There are bugs, though.

For some reason, when I run my game, the loading screen gets inconsistent for me. The mouse cursor freezes on the screen on the main menu screen, in both of these cases, I see the screen look like it is locked, or flickering between two images that should not be on the screen. For instance, my loading screen says “Loading resource 8 of 14″, and it bounces back and forth between 8 and 9, which isn’t happening in my code, which makes me think that there is a problem with rendering.

Animation looks weird once I enter into the game, and so I have to restart the program and hope that I don’t see the issue again.

I tried it in another game which has more or less the same code, and it seems to work fine, so at least that rules out an expensive hardware issue.

But the bad news is that I have a ridiculously difficult to diagnose bug in my Ludum Dare project, and there is less than 24 hours left in the compo. There’s also a weird rendering issue in which my terrain is showing gaps behind it as I move about the world. B-(

And I still have a ton of work to do.

Also, I realized that with all of the struggles, I have been forgetting to commit my changes. Here’s the complete commit log:

$ git log
commit 35fabffff77407ce6a66a146ff297df254c5626e
Author: Gianfranco Berardi
Date: Sat Apr 18 20:29:47 2015 -0500

A lot happened; can control player character, have basic AI framework.

commit cc662aa500df16c01dae56ac3a419a64e0448c22
Author: Gianfranco Berardi
Date: Sat Apr 18 10:32:08 2015 -0500

Fixed camera; added grass, monster placeholder, and boulder.

commit 4656623ca6dfc9fc2e68620a7ec5056e171276e1
Author: Gianfranco Berardi
Date: Fri Apr 17 23:27:09 2015 -0500

Initial commit for LD#32.

Early on, I realized that my efforts were all over the place. I wanted to work on adding a playable character, and I ended up making some terrain instead. Nice, but not as important.

So I actually put together a quick design document, inspired by Hybrid Mind’s Ludum Dare 29 timelapse.

Holy cow, it made a huge difference! I was able to dump everything out of my head, realize there were some gaps, recognize that I had a scope issue, and also prioritize whenever I identified a new problem or bug to fix.

It also helps me see my progress. It’s easy to get demotivated when the clock keeps ticking, but seeing all of the completed work reminds me that I’ve made a dent, and it also helps me keep focused because I want to get more of those planned tasks crossed off my list.

Of course, I’m always realizing something that needs to be added, so the list will get larger. I’m not sure if more planning or more doing would have revealed that information to me sooner.

LD32: I’m 12 Hours Behind Schedule and Have Bugs #LDJam is a post from: GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development

April 18, 2015

Terrace View

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Terrace View If you're looking for an escape game that's neither too long or short, nor too easy or hard, this sunny title by Vitamin Hana gets the job done, with some cryptic clues for sneaky coded locks you'll need to use your brain to unlock. Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, vitaminhana

Find the Escape-Men Part 147: At the Park Part 1

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Javascript/HTML5 — Find the Escape-Men Part 147: At the Park Part 1 You only wanted to wear your mom's necklace for a little while to show it off, but now you've lost it at the park! Can you find both it and the ten iconic little green men in this cute point-and-click puzzle game from no1game? Tagged as: browser, escape, free, game, html5, no1game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g

LD32: Breakfast and Even More Design #LDJam

from GBGames

Good morning!

I had some oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins, with some cinnamon and nutmeg. I also had a small glass of orange juice and the smoothie my wife made.

LD #32 - Breakfast the First

When I drank the smoothie, I noticed that the side of the glass had this very neat texture:

LD #32 -Potential Texture

I might tweak the color and turn it into the landscape in my game.

I decided that there will be a player character represented in the game. It adds risk, because if the monster catches up to you, you lose.

So, who are you? I originally envisioned some spoiled brat who wanted to get revenge on the people in his town. Maybe that cool neighbor with the better treehouse will think twice the next time he brags about how much better it is than yours.

But then I took a shower, where we often have our best ideas, and I thought of an outnumbered military unit desperately seeking a way to tip the balance in their favor. Finding a monster to do their fighting for them seems like a good alternative to dying and losing the war.

Which also gives the player a reason to worry about the monster getting killed before it can do its damage.

There’s 34 hours left in the compo. I better start planning.

LD32: Breakfast and Even More Design #LDJam is a post from: GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development

LD32: Art for “A Giant Weapon” #LDJam

from GBGames

After I got a working build of my project, which didn’t take too long, I started doodling some monster faces.

LD #32 Giants And Ogres

I love how goofy the faces are. I want the monster’s face to be expressive so that it can give clues to the player about what it is thinking.

But just how giant is this character going to be? It can’t be so huge that you can only see its feet. I suppose it would cut down on asset creation, but I envision a very emotive monster which requires a visible face. I want it to be seen as a huge monster, so being merely a head taller than all of the other characters in the game isn’t enough.

But what if there is no player character? That is, the player can interact with the world without having a representative in the world. Then the monster can fit on the screen, and any characters can be incredibly tiny. After all, their faces aren’t as important as the fact that they are running from a marauding monster coming through town.

Maybe they are very tiny stick figures in comparison.

I’m not completely sold on the idea of having no player character. I like the idea of the player running around, trying to get the monster’s attention while avoiding the chaos and destruction.

LD #32  Moving Monster On Screen

That mock up image of the monster now moves about the screen on its own, although the AI is basically “bounce off the walls” and will need to be replaced.

I realized I was falling asleep as I was coding, so I think I’ll go to bed.

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LD32: Weapon Ideas #LDJam

from GBGames

Ok, it’s two hours later. I had leftover green olive and onion pizza for dinner:

LD #32 First dinner

And my wife came home from an event with a red velvet cupcake for me:

LD #32 Red velvet cupcake

I came up with a number of ideas for this theme, especially as people on IRC bounced quite a few around:

  • The Bourne Identity: remember that scene when Bourne used a rolled up newspaper to hit the other guy? And then he stabbed him with part of a pen that was lying around? A game with a lot of random stuff that requires the player to be resourceful and clever.
  • Infectious Agent: a restaurant owner is trying to poison the right spy without killing customers.
  • Kite a Giant: lure a large monster toward a city/castle/friend’s cooler treehouse/etc, while ensuring it doesn’t get bored or killed.
  • Sunlight Focused: kill a neighbor’s flowers with beams of concentrated sunlight in order to win the local horticultural contest.
  • Food Fight: a cafeteria featuring students with ridiculous weapons, such as mashed potato guns and banana missiles.
  • Toys: inspired by the Robin Williams movie, in which wind-up toys fight (I recall this is a multi-decade old game already).
  • Information Warfare: choose which important papers to shred in order to leak secrets.
  • Books: check out books from a library before your coworker does to prevent him/her from learning and getting that promotion.
  • Excruciatingly Severe Body Odor: your odor is repellent. Make use of it!
  • Numbers vs Letters: it’s a battle between the higher level and abstract thoughts!
  • Shapes: an RTS inspired by the different shapes in Flatland.
  • Monopoly: use market pressures to defeat your competitors.
  • Avalanche/Cave-in: cause a disaster to trap other people.
  • Cactus vs Balloon: inspired by some art in my room.
  • Nanotechnology: tiny invaders that destroy your enemies from the inside out.
  • Mind Control: make your opponents do self-destructive things.
  • Fear: scare people towards disaster (for them, obviously).
  • Vampire Hunter: use blood disease to kill vampires.
  • Eggs: birds hatch and peck at opponents.
  • Plunger: you’re a plumber, and you have to save the day.
  • Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, and Fears: you work in HR at Large Corporation, Inc.

I also tried to come up with a list of potential weapons:

  • Gravity Wells
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Air guns
  • Summon beings, such as demons
  • Weather
  • Ever increasing mass
  • Sex appeal
  • Paper cuts
  • Bullying
  • Embarrassment
  • Candy
  • Innocence
  • Music
  • Laundry (dirty or otherwise)
  • Humor
  • Banana peels
  • Kisses

Out of all of them, Kite the Giant is the one I keep thinking about. I like the idea of indirectly influencing a destructive force.

I think I’ll go ahead and call it. That’s my game idea, and I’m moving forward with it.

LD32: Weapon Ideas #LDJam is a post from: GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development

Screenshot Saturday - Level Thumbnails

from GameDevBlog

Making new thumbnails for the level select screen and thought I'd post them in delicious high res on reddit's screenshot saturday. You saw 'em here first!

LD32: An Unconventional Weapon #LDJam

from GBGames

The theme has been announced, and it’s An Unconventional Weapon.

I think I’ll start by exploring that theme quite a bit, and I’ll get back to you about what I’ll do. I’ll think about this theme over a quick dinner.

My goal will be to have something playable, or at least controllable, before the first 12 hours are up.

Since I’m not using something like Unity or Unreal Engine, I won’t be able to whip something up in mere moments, but I know I’ll be able to leverage some of my own code as I have in the past. Each Ludum Dare gave me something new to make use of.

My strategy for this Ludum Dare is to doodle a lot whenever I’m not programming. I’m not very good with digital art programs, but I can put pencil to paper decently enough, and I can just digitize it after the fact.

LD32: An Unconventional Weapon #LDJam is a post from: GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development

Ludum Dare #32 Is About to Begin #LDJam

from GBGames

I’ll be participating for the first time in two years, when I made a simpler-than-I-would-have-liked game for Ludum Dare #24: Evolution.

Before that, I participated in #11 (Minimalist), #12 (The Tower), #13 (Roads) #14 (Advancing Wall of Doom), #15 (Caverns), #18 (Enemies as Weapons), and #20 (It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This!). I also have a number of MiniLDs under my belt. I’ve gained enough experience to attain Veteran status, so I get +1 to the category of my choice, I think.

I’ll be using libSDL2 and related libraries, NFont, Gimp, Audacity and SFXR, C++, vim, and my Ubuntu system for a development environment.

My past self posted a handy checklist on my blog: http://gbgames.com/blog/2012/08/pre-compo-checklist-for-ludum-dare-ld48/ Thanks, Past Self!

As always, I’ll try to cross-post my progress both on the Ludum Dare website and on my own blog.

Oh, and here’s my office pic:

My Office for LD32

Good luck, everyone! I’ve missed you.

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April 17, 2015

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Mac, Windows — Cadenza: The Kiss of Death Your life seems like it's about as perfect as it can get. You're engaged to a handsome jazz pianist in New Orleans, putting the final touches on your wedding plans. But when your sweetie's former band mates start turning up dead, it's time to take action before it's too late in this beautiful hidden-object adventure game. Tagged as: adventure, affiliate, bigfishgames, casual, demo, download, game, hiddenobject, mac, madheadgames, mystery, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y, windows

Room Escape [Secret Code]

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android — Room Escape [Secret Code] From the clever creativity of Gam.eBB, the maker of the Dismantlement series, Room Escape [Secret Code] is the type of game all escape-the-room enthusiasts crave. This aesthetically pleasing little room boosts plenty of details to explore and lots of puzzles to solve. Best of all, it can be played on your mobile device so you can have fun anywhere you want to go with it. Tagged as: android, escape, free, game, gamebbjp, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, puzzle, rating-g, tablet

Bored White Horse

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Javascript/HTML5 — Bored White Horse The prince's noble steed has heard that the prince managed to escape his handlers, and now the horse wants you to help him do the same so they can go on an adventure together in this short but sweet escape game from no1game. Tagged as: browser, escape, free, game, html5, no1game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g

Friday CatBlogging: Ace

from A Shareware Life


Shape Fold Animals

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS, Android, Flash — Shape Fold Animals Looking for a simple and relaxing puzzler that's also available for iOS and Android? Create animals by moving and rotating shapes into place on their hinges to discover what creature is hiding inside the outline. Tagged as: android, bikas, browser, flash, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, mouseonly, puzzle, rating-g

April 16, 2015

Glow Path

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Android, Flash — Glow Path This casual puzzle game has you clicking on blocks to slide them around in order to connect one glowing square to it's un-illuminated sibling. One hundred levels of puzzling goodness await you, and the game's also available for Android. Tagged as: android, browser, flash, free, game, goodmage, minimalist, mobile, puzzle, rating-g, simpleidea

5 Solitaire Games like Scorpion

from A Shareware Life


Scorpion is one of the most popular Spider type solitaire games in Pretty Good Solitaire.  Here are 5 of the most interesting Scorpion variations:


1) Scorpion II


Scorpion II is just like Scorpion except that only 9 cards are face down instead of 12.  This makes the game a little bit easier as you can see more cards and don't have to uncover as many.


2) Double Scorpion


Double Scorpion is a two deck version of Scorpion.  It plays about the same except there are more cards.  This adds complications and you have to put more cards in order, but on the other hand there are two of every card.

 How to Play Double Scorpion Solitaire


3) Three Blind Mice


Three Blind Mice stretches the tableau out from seven piles to ten.  With fewer cards in each pile and more piles, Three Blind Mice should be an easier game than Scorpion, but in practice it isn't.

 How to Play Three Blind Mice Solitaire


4) Scorpion Head


Scorpion Head adds elements of FreeCell to Scorpion.  It adds 4 cells to the game, which definitely makes the game easier to win.


5) Applegate


Applegate takes the opening tableau of Scorpion and lays out the extra 3 cards individually.  This makes it a bit similar to Scorpion Head, but these are not cells - once you move the three extra cards, they cannot be replaced.  The opening layout is also a bit different, but with the same number of covered cards as regular Scorpion.


PREVIOUSLY: 7 Interesting FreeCell Type Solitaire Games

Pajama Boy 3

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Pajama Boy 3 Poor Pajama Boy. When he returns home after a peaceful night of camping, he finds that his city has been taken over by robots! They've turned the once peaceful metropolis into an ever-changing iron landscape and imprisoned the humans! Now Pajama Boy must rescue them, all the while braving levels that morph and warp based on the whims of their robotic masters! Run, jump, slide, wall kick, and find the gold keys that will set your human friends free. But the level beneath you is constantly changing, so keep on your toes! Tagged as: action, browser, eyesteam, flash, free, game, highdifficulty, platform, rating-g

April 15, 2015

The Trace

from Jay Is Games

Platform: iOS — The Trace The Trace delivers a wonderfully immersive experience with a satisfying narrative and innovative gameplay for your iOS. As one murder leads to another, it's up to you to piece together clues to figure out what's going on. Explore a detailed 3D world while finding the evidence you need to solve the case. Tagged as: 3d, adventure, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, mystery, pointandclick, rating-r, relentlesssoftware, tablet

Spring Celebration

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Spring Celebration It doesn't matter if it's Easter... if TomaTea wants you to escape from a pretty pastel room with eggs, bunnies, and more, you darn well do it! A sweet and satisfying game with a lot of puzzles, despite a few rough edges on some it. Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, tomatea

10 Questions about Indie Game Development

from A Shareware Life


The article linked to in the tweet above caused me to answer the questions in a series of tweets:


Aldo and Gus: The Skeleton Key

from Jay Is Games

Platform: Flash — Aldo and Gus: The Skeleton Key In this cute point-and-click puzzle adventure, you're a clever cat riding in a magic flying tea-kettle, as cats often do, trying to find a way to break your wizard friend out of the dungeon he's been locked up in! Tagged as: adventure, aplotnikov, browser, eplotnikov, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y, surreal

Weekday Escape N°71

from Jay Is Games

Weekday Escape N°71 Games featured this week: Office Day; Escape from the Three Colored Stars Room 3; Girls Room No.07: Perfume — There's a lot of rumors flying around on the internet, that's something you can always count on. Just as you can rely on more fun free online escape games here at JIG. And here in another installment of Weekday Escape, you can be sure of more cheerful cuteness from Vitamin Hana, purple-frilled whimsy from FunkyLand and simply logical puzzles from Yomino Kagura Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, free, funkyland, game, pointandclick, puzzle, vitaminhana, weekday-escape, yominokagura